DIY Crowdfunding for MY new album, Worthless Worthy Woman!


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Hey Friends! I am so excited to announce, officially, the beginning of a new era and a new album. My last album, Split Oceans, was released right before the pandemic hit. I only performed that album once before retreating into solitude for over a year.

During this time I was able to really think and feel. I am positive you did too. I spent lots of time in therapy and during this process, the words & music for this album came through as voices & patterns.

Worthless Worthy Woman is a dedication to these conflicting but valuable parts of myself.

It’s a dedication to the parts of me that don’t know their worth, purpose, or reasoning.

  • The Worthless Worthy Woman has no free will and is on the floor unable to get up because she has no feet to hold her.
  • She is helpless and afraid to ask for help.
  • She is slimy and grimy and hasn’t showered in weeks.
  • She understands and lives in pain.
  • Persistent dread and anguish are underneath all the hats, suits, or titles she may wear.
  • She hears voices masquerading as truths that lead her down the wrong path.

This album is my way of listening to her, accepting her, and processing the fear and hurt she has experienced.

“Worthless Worthy Woman” is a collection of voices and patterns, featuring themes like pain, betrayal, inadequacy, wonder, confusion, loneliness, resilience, self-empowerment, hope, and healing.

The album will be released on vinyl. Though the trend is to release singles or EPs in this digital era I am not interested in trends. The work I create is timeless and is here to stay.

Whether or not you realize it, you are a part of my work. This work will be relatable, inspiring, and experiential. It will provide catharsis and companionship.

I will be a friend to you as you drive to work, go on vacation, work out, or wind down. As you relate to the emotions, know that I am right there with you, and you are not alone. You deserve to feel your feelings.

I invite you to join me in creating this album & dedication.

The rewards on the project will be a collaborative effort with some of my favorite vendors & businesses. All rewards are ways to both support small businesses and independent artists and invest in your own worthiness.

All of the funds will go towards recording, mixing, mastering, vinyl album production, photography & video, design, merchandise, and the platform fee.

Participate in the making of the new album, Worthless Worthy Woman.

Get access to videos of demos & improvisations, lyrics, and photos before anyone else!

Natalie Huggins looking into a frame
Natalie Huggins looking out a frame