What Motivates Me

by | Nov 12, 2020


When I wake up in the morning I get excited to create. Whether it be a lesson plan, a song, or a meal I am always looking forward to experimenting, creating, or finishing with my different projects. 

Through the last year or so I have tried to focus on creating a morning routine to set the stage for my creations.

 In the evening I make a to-do list and set it up on my piano bench of ideas for me to work on. Lately I have been starting my day free-writing without an agenda. It has allowed myself to be unfiltered and let go. I usually set up my diffusers with essential oils so my home smells welcoming for what I will create on that day. I am a big fan of engaging all of the senses when creating. I rotate between doing meditation, yoga, or exercise in the early morning and focus on having a healthy breakfast. Before I start working I will tidy up the house and spend some quality time with my ten year old son, Isaac. 

I have felt like implementing a morning routine has changed how my days go. It allows me to have more of myself throughout the day so I can give more to my son and clients. 

Do you have a morning routine? What gets you excited to get up?

Natalie Huggins


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