The Songwriter’s Process

by | Oct 22, 2020

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For the last few months I have been writing a course on songwriting. It has been a lot of fun to organize all the tips and tricks that I have developed over the years. It has also given me time to focus on that passion that lights me up and gives me life. 

I started to notice I was putting songwriting on the backburner years ago but I never felt like I could afford to invest more time in it. That somehow investing into songwriting was a direct withdrawal from my bank account. It doesn’t work like that!! It took a lot of reading and calling in to remind myself that this is foundationally who I am. If I am not investing into my songwriting I am not doing a service to myself, my son, or my clients. 

This course is for anyone who feels that itch to create but has been telling themselves they aren’t allowed to scratch it. For people who want to brush up on their skills or their knowledge. For anyone who wants to learn about songwriting. For anyone who wants to get closer to their songwriter’s identity. For anyone who wants to develop a new process in creating. I invite you to become a part of the course!

Natalie Huggins


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