Split Oceans LP

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2020 debut full length album

by Natalie Huggins

Side A

  1. Are You Alone
  2. Easy to Love Me
  3. Matrix
  4. Bones

Side B

  1. Waters
  2. Hospital
  3. Little Black Heart
  4. Love Down

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Her first full-length album, “Split Oceans” was released January 20th, 2020 . A collaborative effort between Huggins and producer Kevin Bachmann, the project began in August 2016 and is a long-awaited culmination of Natalie’s growth and experiences over the past decade. A representation of Natalie herself, the album is powerful, nostalgic, sparkly, and sensual. The album teems with relatable themes including the cycles of relationships, grief and loss, isolation in the modern world, and love and forgiveness.


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