Miss Natalie’s Piano and Vocal Studio

Where aspiring musicians gain skills to confidently create music for the rest of their lives

Does Your Child


Want to audition for a show?


Perform in a band or as a solo act?


Write songs and need guidance?

Watch your child gain confidence to express themselves through music.

Is your child ready to start their music journey?

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Hi! I am Miss Natalie. 🙂

I have been teaching music for over half my life and have performed in bands and on recordings for just as long. I am extremely passionate about music and committed to evolving as an instructor & musician. I offer my students mindful & personalized instruction and challenge them to think outside the box.



Work experienced teacher who connects and draws out your child’s potential.


Get guidance on how your child can succeed with music.


Give your child an outlet for their creativity and originality.

Features & Benefits :

Individual Lessons:

  • Our lessons feature individualized one on one sessions and mid-lesson check-ins.
  • This provides more time for learning, students have time to absorb & practice skills so they know what to do at home, personalized lesson plans & goals, strong teacher-student bond. (Parents can have the freedom to run an errand or read.)

Coaching Program

  • For students considering a career in music.
  • Learn the ins and outs of building a career in music.
  • Prepare for college auditions & applications.

Performance Opportunities

  • Multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year in Studio Recitals, Fundraisers, and Adjudicated events.
  • Family, friends, and Studio-mates can see their achievements & progress, encouraging self-confidence.

Experienced Composer & Performer

  • Learn how to collaborate & create with others in a band or as a solo artist.
  • Prepare for an audition so you get the part!
  • Learn how to write songs that are original and authentic to you!

Online lessons & Bonus weeks for illness or conflicts in schedule

  • Zoom lessons & Bonus weeks are available in the event of illness or conflict.

Simple Scheduling & Clear Communication

  • My Music Staff – studio management system
  • Easy payment, scheduling, and correspondence

Small Studio

  • The studio is limited to 20 students.
  • With a small studio you get more energy and dedication.

How much they’ll love their experience at the studio:

“Miss Natalie is more than a voice coach. She's been a life coach for my son.”

-Janet R.

“Communication in the studio is fabulous! She’s professional and thorough. “

– Amber S.

“Miss Natalie is one of my daughters favorite people. Not only is she a great teacher but has also become a support system and self-esteem booster!”

-Julie W.

“My daughter has the best relationship with Miss Natalie. She looks forward to her lessons and feels comfortable talking to her about anything. “

-Debbie T.

“Miss Natalie is super welcoming, encouraging, and always helps them to improve!”

-Lisa S.

“My daughter has a wonderful relationship with her and feels safe, challenged, and empowered.”

-Amy S.

“Miss Natalie has become like a member of our family over the past 6 years. She is a mentor and a friend to my children and her teaching goes beyond just music skills -- she teaches confidence and the joy of being true to yourself.”

-Shannon R.

“Miss Natalie has been a wonderful teacher and mentor to my daughter. Their connection has helped my daughter progress tremendously over the years as well as provide her with the confidence to take on new challenges. I can't say enough good things about her--we're so lucky to have found her!”

-Norine C.

“Miss Natalie is always encouraging and has a positive attitude.”

-Meghan M.

The studio is currently full. Get on the mailing list and be the first to know about openings