Celebrating young musicians

by | May 14, 2021

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“Why do you teach?” 

Well that is a BIG question I often ask myself when I am planning lessons, schedules, features, and benefits for my studio. I could probably spend hours talking your ear off about why this song or that song, but the fundamental reason why is to see students grow. I get to be a part of their life journey as they transition from kids to teens and then into adults. 

It is awesome!

The following 3 posts will be featured students from the studio who graduated this year, 2021. All of these students were a part of Miss Natalie’s Piano & Vocal Studio’s Coaching Program for 1-3 years. These students are all advanced in their music studies and want to pursue a career or lifestyle with music. I am happy to offer each of them an opportunity to perform solo in a socially distanced Senior Recital this year on May 23rd. A first for the studio, this is a celebration of their accomplishments, talent, and dedication to their craft. Stay tuned and enjoy reading about these incredible young artists.

Natalie Huggins


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