Caught in a Lite Sneeze- Tori Amos cover

by | Oct 5, 2019

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I have been a Tori Amos fan ever since my 6th grade dance instructor chose her cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as our ballet recital song choice. Throughout middle and high school I collected several singles and albums, studied her works, photographs, and interviews. There was something so special about her that I had never seen or heard. I was completely inspired by the intimate nature of her piano playing and the venerability of her voice.

Recently a friend of mine lent me some Tori songbooks and I really dug in. I was starting to feel burnt out from the routine of playing Disney tunes and classical piano pieces for teaching so the books came to me at the perfect time to revisit my youth and refresh. I had always enjoyed listening to this song but playing it brought on a new meaning. Even though I have been listening to Tori for about 20 years I was still able to connect with this artist in another way at a different point in my music career. I am so grateful that I found this artist and she still continues to inspire me.

Natalie Huggins


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