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by | May 17, 2021

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On Sunday May 23rd at 4pm at the Reim Theater in Kirkwood, MO Cade Leassner will perform a set of original and influenced songs as a Senior Recital. Cade has been a student in my studio, Miss Natalie’s Piano & Vocal studio for 3 years and has graduated from St. John Vianney High School.

What I love about working with Cade is he is able to grasp concepts quickly and recognize how amazing and magical music is. He is super passionate about music, lives, and breaths it. He plays trumpet, bass, guitar and with me, he studied piano and singing. Lessons with him are easy-going, focused, and we are able to and study a lot of different types of music: bedroom pop, singer/songwriters, pop/rock, jazz, and R&B. 

He is hungry for music and creating. He is curious about music and aware of what elements make a song catchy while still having emotional depth. He has style and a unique perspective. His production shows his skills as a trained musician and music fan of different genres. He takes initiative and works hard! I personally love his music I would listen to it even if he wasn’t a student studying with me. I included one of his songs on a playlist at my album release show!

His bio reads….

I got my first guitar at the young age of 7 and I begged for lessons. So for a few years, I took lessons from a great guy who showed me the basics and taught me simple songs. In 4th grade I started learning the trumpet, and it has carried me through elementary and high school. Along the way I’ve also picked up the bass, piano, voice and can hold my own on the drums. 

I’m off to Columbia College Chicago in the fall to study Audio Arts and music production. I really enjoy writing, recording and producing music for not only myself but many others. I’m thrilled to be able to continue this in college. 

If you want to follow my music career you can find me on Instagram and all the music platforms @Dnny.Thms. 

Special thanks to all my family, friends and music directors and instructors who have supported me all this time. Enjoy! 

His program includes:

easily- bruno major 

avril 14th – aphex twin was it something i said – mykey

milk – sweet trip

random thoughts-dnny thms 

windy-dnny thms 

my control-dnny thms 

hazy (maybe)

you – mkgee

crazy – gnarls barkly

I can’t wait to see how his career and music evolve.

Congrats on all of you achievements Cade, I am SO PROUD!!!!

Natalie Huggins


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