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by | May 11, 2022

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Audrey began working in the studio in the summer of 2021. I knew we would be a great fit since she comes from a family of creatives. She has softness and strength in her voice and likes to work on songs by Hozier, Audrey Mika, Rihanna, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone. She has a natural talent and I hope she continues to sing throughout her life. I can’t wait to see her successes at Mizzou in the coming years!

Here is her bio:

I first began singing when I was around seven or eight years old after my cousin and I wrote songs and performed them during family gatherings. These small, casual performances really sparked great interest within me. I’ve always loved music and was fascinated with vocal performance. I first performed in a few of my school talent shows in elementary school and from there, I continued to sing and explore different genres of music.

In sixth grade I began taking voice and guitar lessons, singing covers of songs I enjoyed and making them my own unique version in the process. Every few months, my vocal teacher would host live shows for each student to have the chance to present a song of their choice. Although I dealt with some performance anxiety and nerves, I was so proud of myself and grateful for the opportunity each time. Sharing my voice was something I struggled with moving into my high school years, but with age, came a new found confidence which inspired me to perform again. 

I began working with Miss Natalie this past summer and she’s helped me tremendously over the last six months. My school offers various opportunities to share music and other talents, so I took advantage of those moments to do what I love and I continue to do so today. 

I am not completely sure where I’m headed for college yet, but I plan on studying photojournalism, focusing on social justice and current events. I definitely want to join choir or an acapella group in college to maintain music as a prominent factor in my life and take it with me wherever I end up! Special thanks to my parents who have helped me find confidence in my voice, and truly pursue singing for the past eight years. Thanks all, and enjoy! 🙂

Come see Audrey perform at her Senior Recital May 15th at 2pm at the Old Orchard Art Gallery 39 S. Old Orchard Webster Groves, MO 63119.

Natalie Huggins

Natalie Huggins


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